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Winter Dress Up Game

            Who said that winter entails baggy wool                        sweaters & itchy hats? 
            This game lets you create a nice & classic                    winter style, which makes you look modern as                well as fashionable, but also keeps you warm for             trips in the snow ^ᴗ^.
            Click around and discover the many secrets                your notebook holds!
            It is intended to be self-explanatory, but if you                need help, here are a few hints:
            » Advance through the game with the dog ear.
            » Visit the previous pages with the eraser or                pencil.
            » Click on a blue word to choose what to color.
            » Click a jar of paint to open/close it or to color             your drawing.
            » Darken/lighten your drawing with the dark                and light brush.
            » Turn colors pastel with the the wipe.
            » The calculator shows your save-code for a                black & white drawing.
            » Click on your math homework to load a

            By xVanyx on Scratch